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Five Tips For Selling A Wedding Dress On Consignment

Posted by David Whitehurst on July 19, 2011

Wedding gown cleaning and preservation 

Wedding dresses are one of the features of any wedding.... usually coming in right after the Bride in importance.

A Bride can recover some of her investment when selling her wedding dress from a consignment shop.

The bride will often spend months looking for the perfect wedding gown to make her sparkle, shine, and glow as she walks down the aisle to meet her love.  Unfortunately, ensuring these results often requires spending a large amount of money to purchase and alter the wedding gown.  Many brides decide to try and get some of their money back by selling the dress on consignment after the wedding.

Those brides that are looking to pass their wedding gowns on to a bride in need should keep a few things in mind.  Selling a wedding gown on consignment is not the same as selling other types of clothes, and requires special care in order to preserve the integrity of the wedding dress. 

It is important to keep these four suggestions in mind in order to ensure a smooth and mutually beneficial transaction.

1. Clean Your Wedding Dress

Before attempting to sell it, you should get your wedding dress cleaned and pressed. A wedding gown specialist will be able to bring the dress up to its best possible condition by removing spots and stains as well as getting the dress generally clean.  No one wants to buy a dirty or stained wedding dress on consignment. Reputable consignment shops will require the dress to be cleaned before accepting it for consignment.

2. Repair Your Wedding Dress

If the wedding gown has any permanent damage, such as rips or tears, point those out up front.  If you repair the problem, it will increase the resale value of your dress.  Don't try to hide any problems with the dress, as this is likely to backfire. Small imperfections aren't likely to decrease the value of the dress,  so resolve these problems before putting it for sale on consignment. A wedding gown specialist should be able to help you with reapirs for your wedding dress.

3. Provide the Size of Your Dress

Wedding dresses are marked with a certain size upon purchase in order to make for convenient fittings.  Despite the noted size, however, many wedding gowns are altered to fit the form of the bride perfectly.  If your dress has been altered from its original size you should note this when attempting to sell it.  This will avoid issues with the buyer, and could even make the wedding gown more appealing to certain body types.

4. Don't Wait Years To Sell Your Dress

Most consignement shop owners want relatively new wedding dresses...not 10 or 15 year old their shops.  In fact, some shops will not accept wedding dresses for sale more than four or five years old.  Keeping the styles current is essential for a consignment shop owner.

5. If Selling Your Wedding Dress Over The Internet

When selling a wedding dress over the Internet, simply indicating the size of the dress may not be sufficient.  It is better to provide your measurements in order to present an accurate picture of the dress.  Also, be sure to make pictures of the entire gown.  Photos of before and after repairs will really enhance your ability to sell the dress quickly and for the best price.


Selling a wedding gown on consignment can be a quick and easy process when you pay attention to these tips.  Earn some of your budget back while also making another bride extremely happy by selling your dress on consignment!  A qualified wedding gown specialist can help you restore your wedding dress to as near perfect condition as possible.  Be sure to find the right specialist to help with your wedding dress cleaning, alterations and repairs.

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