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Recycle Your Wedding Dress - Planning a Green Wedding

Posted by David Whitehurst on July 26, 2011

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Green Wedding Trends and Ideas


The green lifestyle trend is becoming ever more popular, even in areas you wouldn't think to find it.  One of those areas is the wedding industry, as brides around the country are working hard to make the happiest day of their lives less wasteful and more environmentally friendly.

From the wedding dress to the menu, there are many ways to be Earth friendly while planning the largest party of your life.  Thanks to online resources such as, we have compiled a list of easy steps you can take to make your wedding day more “green” minded.

Recylcle Your Wedding Dress

Recycling your wedding dress is the ultimate in planning a green wedding.  Whether you want to sell your wedding dress immediately or keep it for your daughter to wear one day, both strategies are “green.”   So either buying a used wedding dress or selling your wedding dress to start the recycling process is an important green wedding strategy.  But either way…keeping your wedding dress or selling it, you should plan on cleaning and preserving your wedding dress as soon after your wedding as possible to allow your dress to retain as much monetary or sentimental value as possible. 

Recycle Your Bar Cans and Bottles

Besides the incredible celebration of love, many people say the bar is the best part of a wedding!  Make sure that you are compensating for the popularity of the bottles and cans, however, by recycling them afterward.  Take it a step further and trade them in for cash at your local recycling center!

Donate the Leftovers

At any grand feast, like those at weddings, there is bound to be leftovers.  Donate your leftovers to an organization, such as Feeding America, to make sure that extra food doesn't go to waste, and be happy that hungry mouths will benefit from your happiness.  Just don't spill any on the wedding gown! 

Donate Your Dress

Many charities across America will accept a wedding gown as a donation.  You can contribute to renewable energy efforts, recycling causes, and other environmentally conscious causes simply by donating your wedding dress to them.

Plan an Eco-Friendly Honeymoon

A honeymoon can be very hard on the Earth, from the transportation to the accommodations. Be environmentally conscious when you are traveling, and try not to be over indulgent.  It is your honeymoon, of course, so you should be able to enjoy it, but perhaps taking a bus instead of a taxi could be part of your crazy honeymoon adventure?

Select A Green Menu

A green menu can do loads for the Earth, and it doesn't have to be a difficult process.  Use organic fruits and vegetables instead of those that are grown with chemicals, and pay attention to where your meat is coming from.  Wild salmon should be chosen over farmed salmon, for example, and free range chicken is more Earth conscious than caged chicken.

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