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Try An Internet Wedding Planner

Posted by Matt Whitehurst on August 5, 2011

Plan Your Wedding On The Internet

Many brides worry about the stress of planning a wedding, but the truth is that wedding dress planning, wedding gown planningthings are much easier today than they used to be.  No longer do weddings require elaborate scrapbook and endless research. While a professional wedding can help almost any wedding, today there are resources available if you decide not to use a wedding planner. 

From the wedding dress to the venue, there are many impressive Internet sites dedicated to helping brides plan their wedding.


One of these incredible sites is, which boasts the largest collection of wedding reviews on the web.  Worried that the caterer you just interviewed isn't telling the whole truth?  Just look at their reviews, and many others, with such a rich resource at your finger tips.


In addition to reviewing potential choices, you can search for vendors on  Find a band, a wedding gown maker, a wedding gown cleaner, a DJ, an invitation printer, and more from their impressive collection of providers. 

And don't forget about a professional to care for your wedding dress.  You;ll want to find a Certified Wedding Gown Specialist to help with wedding dress alterations, wedding dress pressing, and of course wedding dress cleaning and preservation. You can search by zip code to make sure that you are looking at local results, and you can compare the pros and cons of different companies.


Before you can start lining up wedding vendors, however, you will have to work out your wedding budget.  Deciding how much to spend on a wedding gown or a caterer could determine your choices for other parts of the wedding, so it is important to have everything clearly lined out. provides a budget organizer that is sure to make the day easier. 

They also provide these convenient tools:

-        Checklist

-        Guest list planningWedding planning internet sites are helpful when planning  your wedding

-        Seating chart arrangements

-        Registry collection

-        Photo album

-        and more!


No bride wants her wedding day to be eclipsed by stress and anxiety, and using is a great way to make sure that doesn't happen.  Get advice on your wedding gown, ask for song suggestions, and share your photos with this great wedding planning resource!

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