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How To Pack Your Wedding Gown For The Best Destination Wedding Sites

Posted by David Whitehurst on August 11, 2011

Find the Perfect Destination Wedding Locations...Then Pack Your Wedding Gown For The Trip


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Weddings are among the oldest traditions in the world, but they have evolved greatly throughout the years.  A wedding in ancient Greece will not resemble a
wedding in modern New York, and couples are constantly looking for ways they can make their wedding new and fresh.

Many brides choose to use their wedding gown as a way to stand out at their wedding. Brides do whatever it takes to find the best Wedding Gown Specialist that provides wedding dress alterations, wedding dress cleaning and pressing.  It's one thing to get your wedding gown prepared for your wedding locally but entirely different thing when you plan a destination wedding...especially in another country.

Pack Your Wedding Gown As A Carry On

My first advice is to carry your wedding gown on the plane with you.  Don't check it as baggage because it might not make to your wedding in time.  But in order to carry your wedding dress on the flight with you, it must fit in the overhead compartment. 

There is a way to pack your wedding gown as a carry on but there is a technique to doing this.  Use the largest suitcase possible that will pass the airline's standards for carry on luggage.  Fold the dress and cushion each fold with plain white tissue paper.  Since it will be folded for just a day or two, acid-free tissue should not be required.  But do not use colored tissue paper.

Find A Local Wedding Gown Specialist

My second bit of advise is to find a qualified wedding gown specialist in the location of your wedding.  Your hotel concierge may be able to help with this.  You will likely need to get your gown steamed out and ready for your wedding.

I have recently written an article about getting your wedding gown to your destination wedding...and here is a link to that article.  Also, please don't consider vacuum packing (or vacuum sealing) your wedding dress to make it smaller for the trip.  Here's another article about the danger of vacuum sealing your wedding dress for a trip.


Here are my thoughts on 5 of the top destination wedding sites in the world!

1) Florence, Italy, The Grand Hotel

This magnificent hotel is in the heart of Florence, resting near the romantic River Amo. Explore wedding dresses to match the historic décor when you have a destination wedding here, and have your breath taken away by the stunning Grand Hotel ballroom.

2) Peak of a New Zealand Mountain

It doesn't matter which mountain, just make sure it offers magnificent views!  This destination has become popular since the release of the Lord of the Rings movies, when people were popularly introduced to the beauties of New Zealand.  Make sure your wedding gown is warm, though, as it will be windy up there!

3) France, Le Chateau d'Esclimont

Getting married in a castle has got to be among the most romantic fantasies of today, and it is possible at this European destination.  Put on your fairy-tale wedding gown and experience a fairy-tale wedding at this estate, located 45 minutes outside of Paris.

4) Mauritius, Indian Ocean, Le Saint Geran and White Sand Beaches

Among the most stunning beaches in the world, the white sands of this African beach are the perfect backdrop to a custom white wedding dress, ensuringwedding destination, romantic wedding destinations
beautiful wedding photos and an unforgettable experience.


5) South Africa, Drakensberg, Cathedral Peak Hotel

This destination wedding location offers incredible views of the Drakensberg mountain range, often overlooked when it comes to African scenery.  A traditional thatch chapel is the drawing feature here, which transports the couple to another time and place.

There are so many destinations to choose from, not to mention wedding gowns and food options!  No matter what you decide, make sure that you plan ahead and, most of all have a great time!


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