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The Most Popular Wedding Dress Lengths

Posted by David Whitehurst on September 2, 2011

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Wedding Dress Lengths…What Are Your Choices?

Most brides will find that there's not a whole lot of variety when it comes to the color of a wedding dress.  But when looking at styles and fabrics, however, there is variety galore!  Wedding dresses are made to fit the tastes of women all over the world, so of course there are going to be numerous styles to choose from.


In order to pick the perfect wedding gown for you, you should consider many different aspects of the gown. The length of the wedding dress, for example, can present a very significant question of style.  The length can change the whole look of the gown, and it can help create the perfect look for you on your wedding day.


There are numerous trends when it comes to the length of a wedding dress, but here are those that are currently the most popular and my thoughts about the length:


Ankle length

The angle-length wedding dress is pretty standard, and refers to dresses that are hemmed right at the ankle.  A ballerina dress will use this length for hemming, but it can also be used for form fitting garments.


Floor length

Image for floor length wedding gownThis is a more dramatic length for a wedding gown, and creates a very formal and elegant look.  Well-tailored wedding dresses with this length will just barely graze the ground, making the bride appear as though she is floating down the aisle.




An intermission hem refers to those lengths that fall anywhere from the knee to the ankle.  These lengths give the wedding gown a more casual look, and can be good for informal weddings or casual celebrations.



The hi-lo hem is a combination of different lengths.  It puts an intermission hem in Image of Hi-Lo wedding dress lengththe front, showing off the calves and ankles, but drops to a floor-length hem in the back.  This is popular for bridesmaids dresses, but can also be beautiful on wedding dresses.



For those brides that are sassy and seductive, the lusty miniskirt is a popular look on a wedding gown.  Ending high above the knee, this hem is sure to turn heads.


Try on many different wedding dresses before picking a favorite, and remember to explore all of the styles available!  And remember that your wedding dress alterations specialist can help you get exactly the right length you want in your wedding dress.


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