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The Benefits Of Wedding Dress Preservation To A Green Wedding

Posted by David Whitehurst on September 8, 2011

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Wedding Dress Preservation Is A Great Way To Protect The Earth.

Weddings have always been fashionable events, from the sparkling decorations to the bride's stunning wedding dress.  It is only recently, however, that “going green” started to come into fashion.  More people than ever are starting to take steps to reduce their carbon footprint, and brides are hopping on the eco-train, as well!

It is currently considered very classy and responsible to throw a green wedding, sacrificing a small portion of glitz and glamour in respect of the Earth.  You can still have a great wedding, right down to a beautiful wedding dress, but you will also be benefitting the world in many ways.

Be sure to announce your Green Wedding strategies as part of your wedding announcement, in your wedding program or even at your wedding venue.  Your guests will focus more on the ways you have adapted your wedding choices to a green strategy.  Let your guests know that your wedding dress was passed down from another generation, that your wedding announcements are printed on recycled paper...or any other number of green choices you have made.

Benefits to the Environment from a Green Wedding

Statistics predict 2.5 million weddings this year, and they estimate that each will produce up to 62 pounds of carbon dioxide and up to 600 pounds of garbage and waste materials.  Wow!  This is, by far, the most significant benefit to having a green wedding. 

When you think of all of the supplies that go into planning a wedding, plus all of the food that is typically left over, these numbers aren't actually that surprising.  What is surprising is the fact that if each engaged couple had changed just one part of their wedding to be more Earth friendly, those numbers would drop dramatically.


Green Wedding Benefits to Your Budget

The typical wedding averages $40,000.  Choosing green materials and making green choices can lower this number significantly.  Picking a natural fabric for your wedding gown, or a recycled material for your invitations, could save a lot of money in the long run.  Also consider an organic three course meal to cut back on waste, and think about donating your leftovers to a food shelter

Wedding Dress Preservation

A secong generation wedding gown handed down from Mother to Daughter is a great way to save money, create wedding memories and enhance your green wedding goals.  Consider having a family wedding gown restyled by a skilled wedding gown seamstress if necessary.  And if you don’t have a family wedding gown to wear, consider buying a second hand wedding dress where you will save money and the environment.

Remember that wedding gown preservation is another way to keep your wedding green so your next generation can wear your wedding dress. You can also consider selling your wedding dress at a consignment shop because this is truly the ultimate in wedding dress recycling.  Whether pre-owned wedding dresses or second generation wedding dresses are in your green wedding plans, it's a great choice to consider.


Social Benefits

The wedding industry is currently estimated around $60 billion a year!  And much of this money is going into the hands of large corporations that pay little to no attention to their effect on the Earth and its natural resources.  Dealing with eco-friendly vendors will leave you with do-gooder feelings, as well as spread out the money to businesses that probably deserve it more!

For more information about planning a green wedding, please visit  Champion Wedding Gown Specialist is proud to be an approved Green Bride Vendor.


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