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5 Biggest Challenges of a Destination Wedding

Posted by David Whitehurst on September 15, 2011

Destination wedding and packing your wedding dress as carry on luggage  Weddings are often called the most wonderful day of a Bride's life.  So how can you make your wedding day even more wonderful? 

By planning your wedding in an exotic destination!

Destination weddings have become very popular recently because of the thrill they provide to all involved.  A foreign backdrop works to exemplify the grandness of a wedding and also allows the bride and groom to get a jump-start on their honeymoon!

There are many challenges associated with a destination wedding, however, and it would be beneficial to make yourself aware of them.  Below are my opinion of the top five challenges associated with planning and throwing a destination wedding.

  1. Utilizing local resources – Even if you bring a photographer with you, there is no way to plan an entire wedding without relying on local resources.  Many couples find this difficult, however, as it makes pre-wedding meetings very difficult.  Will you get a good idea of the venue?  Can you trust the caterers without trying all of the food first?  And don't forget to locate a local wedding gown specialist in case you need to press or steam you wedding dress before your wedding.  These are all things to consider, and those couples who can afford it may decide to visit the destination before the wedding in order to work out all of these details.
  2. Traveling with the wedding dress – Chances are that most brides are not going to wait until a day or two before the wedding to choose her wedding gown.  This means that they will be traveling with their wedding gown and must take great care to prepare it properly for travel. Each wedding dress will likely pose different challenges, so speak to a professional wedding gown specialist before making plans to pack your gown.  However, if you are going to do it yourself,  I suggest that you pack your wedding dress to take on the plane as carry-on luggage.  You are certainly limited in space with carry-on luggage, but I think it’s worth it to know your dress arrives with you.  When you pack your dress, layer it each fold with plain white tissue paper.  Fluff the tissue paper like packing your crystal when you move.  You want to cushion each fold.  Make it thick enough so each fold of the dress is a little curved rather than creased.  Take your dress out of your luggage as soon as possible.  You may need to find a local wedding gown professional who can steam it and get rid of the wrinkles.  The longer the dress has been packed in the luggage, the longer it may require the wedding gown specialist to get the fabric to relax and get the creases out.
  3. Guests – The most obvious destination wedding issue is that of getting all of your guests to come to the wedding!  Many people will not be able to afford a plane ticket, while others may not be able to take the time off of work.  Of course, one benefit of a destimation wedding is that usually fewer guests will travel so your venue and catering costs may be lower.
  4. Weather – Be sure to do adequate research about your destination.  You will want your wedding dress to be climate appropriate, and you will want to be aware of any extreme natural occurrences that are common in the area.  Check out hurricane and tsunami watch lists, for example, and be aware of tropical storms!
  5. General travel complications – In any travel situation there will be complications, such as flight delays, illness, and small details lost in translation.  Be sure you are prepared for hiccups, as they are likely to happen.  Make sure your guests plan to arrive at least a day in advance.  And plan to take your wedding dress with you as carry-on luggage si it arrives on time, too!


Destination weddings can be amazing, or they can be a pain in the neck.  Taking note of these challenges, however, will help get you closer to the alter, so you can start your marriage with an incredible bang!

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