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Short-Term Storage Tips for Your Wedding Gown

Posted by David Whitehurst on September 29, 2011


How and where to store your wedding gown, even for a short time, is an important decision for every bride.

Storing a wedding dress

Some brides wait until the last minute to choose a wedding gown, while others have found a favorite far out as one year in advance of the wedding.  If you find yourself in this situation, it will be necessary to properly store your wedding dress for a period of time.

Storing a wedding gown, whether it's a week or a year before your wedding, should be a concern for all brides.  Simply keeping your wedding gown at your home puts it at risk of damage due to moisture, handling, pets and other factors that could cause the dress to become discolored or seemingly unwearable.  Your objective in storing your gown before your wedding is to make sure your gown is ready for your wedding.

The best way to protect a wedding gown before the wedding is by cleaning and preserving it and placing it in a overhead closet.  But this level of security for your dress may not be practical for shorter periods.  This article describes methods other than preservation for protecting your gown when storing it before your wedding.

Here are my tips for short-term wedding gown storage:

  • If you are hanging your bridal gown, make sure you do so by the loops that are attached to the gown on the inside of the dress.
  • Sunlight and moist air are a delicate fabric's worst enemy, so make sure your wedding dress is protected.  Wrap it in a freshly washed sheet or clean, unbleached muslin.  A muslin garment bag is my recommendation for protecting your dress for short periods.
  • A plastic bag is okay to protect the dress during travel or perhaps for a week in the closet, but avoid using plastic for any longer than that.  There are chemicals present in the plastic that create fabric-damaging fumes.  This can lead to discoloration, and the metal of the zipper can release chemicals that make the reaction even worse.
  • Do not store the wedding dress in an area with a lot of heat or humidity.  Attics and basements must be avoided.
  • Store the dress in an area inaccessible by kids and pets.  Cats and kids like to explore, and they will probably think your silk wedding gown is the most comfortable bed in the house!

The important need is to make sure your wedding gown will be in great shape for your wedding.  How you will protect it while it awaits your wedding day is a critical decision.  You may find a need to have your wedding dress steamed or pressed before your wedding, but that's better than emergency shopping for a new gown because the cat made a nest in it.


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