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A Warning About Handling Your Dress Before Your Wedding

Posted by David Whitehurst on October 13, 2011


Trying on wedding dress = resized 600Avoid extra handling of your dress before your wedding and take these precautions when you do.

Every Bride will need to handle her dress before her wedding.  But excessive handling may call for the dress, even a brand new wedding dress, to be cleaned before the wedding.

Body oils from your hands or perspiration can result in a yellowing or shadows on you wedding dress, especially if there are several weeks between the time the body oils get on the dress until your wedding date.  It might take as little as a four to six weeks for the oils to show up on the dress.

Ways to reduce the problems that handling your wedding dress can bring:

  • Don't try on your dress just for the thrill of it.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly and use no lotion on your hands before handling your wedding dress
  • Have cotton gloves handy for yourself and others who might help you with your dress

There are several times a Bride will need to handle her wedding dress and here are some suggestions to avoid problems with handling your gown.  Try to minimize the exposure to dirt and body oil during the pre-wedding weeks after you take your wedding dress home.

During Purchase of Your Wedding Dress

Since your dress has been handled when you were trying it on at your bridal shop or when it was on the rack of a consignment shop, body oil from hands can result in yellowing of the wedding dress over just a few months.  Body oils can manifest itself on the dress as a shadow or blemish that can easily be avoided.

Wedding Dress Alterations

Getting your wedding dress alterations is another time your dress must be handled.  An experienced wedding dress seamstress knows the need to keep her hands clean.  But again, this is another time your wedding dress must be handled.

Showing Off Your Wedding Dress

Modeling and showing off your wedding dress to family and friends will happen but is not usually necessary.  Try to minimize the amount of handling your dress in this situation.

If you have worn the dress more than simply trying it on, you may need to get it cleaned before the wedding.  How many people may have had their hands on the dress and how clean the hands were will determine if the dress should be cleaned before your wedding. 

For Wedding Photographs

Check the condition of your dress after your wedding photographs to see if you need attention to grass stains or soil that are common after photographs.  Almost every wedding dress needs to be cleaned after a photo session.  But often the soil and grass stain on the hem is not visible. 

If your photos are made outside, try to hold your hem off the ground (with clean hands, of course).  You might need a little help.  Here's where the cotton gloves and Brides Maids can help.


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