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Keeping Your Wedding Dress Safe After Your Wedding

Posted by David Whitehurst on March 30, 2012

Wedding Dress Cleaning Comes after the wedding

The kiss and the ride in the limo to your honeymoon comes first...but then comes the care for the wedding dress.

Where should you keep your dress after the wedding?


The same place you keep your valuables...someplace safe!

If you're like me, you secure what matters most to you wherever it's least like to get damaged. That's why I keep my car in the garage, my family photographs in an album and my wine glasses in a cabinet. Wedding gown preservation works the same way. After all is said and done and you've secured your marriage, it's time to secure your gown.

Wedding gown preservation starts after the reception when you prepare your dress to take to the wedding gown specialist. It continues when the wedding gown dry cleaner cleans, presses and boxes your gown taking care to address any stains or tears that occurred during the reception.  Be sure to find a Certified Wedding Gown Specialist near you.  Here's a link to find one...and in Birmingham, Alabama, that's Champion Wedding Gown Specialist.

When you take your dress home, it's time for you to pick up the wedding gown preservation duties yourself. You need to treat your gown as a valuable and protect is as such. You took the time, care and forethought to clean and preserve your gown so you don't want to just toss it in the back of your closet and forget about it. 

The best places to store your gown are similar to where you would store other valuables...someplace safe

  • keep the preserved and boxed wedding dress out of direct sunlight and in a temperature controlled environment. Cold, heat or humidity could get in the way of the wedding gown preservation measures in place.
  • keep the dress up and off the ground. A broken pipe, a snoopy child or puppy or a falling coffee cup could spell disaster for your gown if it's not put in a safe place.
  • don't pack blankets, pillows and all of those other items that get tossed on the closet shelf.  the dress needs to breathe in the preservation box so give it space to get some fresh air.

The work a Certified Wedding Gown Specialist(TM) does to clean and preserve your wedding gown is just the start of storing and caring for your gown in the years to come.

Protect this valuable symbol of your wedding day just as you plan to protect and preserve your most precious photographs.  After all, your dress will be overflowing with your wedding memories for decades.

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