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Is Bridal Gown Cleaning a DIY Project?

Posted by David Whitehurst on May 21, 2012

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The DIY wedding is all the rage these days. Couples brew their own beer, write their own vows, create their own play lists for the reception, or even make their own paper for the invitations.

A do-it-yourself wedding has a lot of personality and character of the bride and groom and makes for a fun event. But even in a true DIY wedding, there are a few things you might want to leave to the professionals - like your bridal gown cleaning and preservation.


Gown Cleaning - Consider First The Fabric

Bridal gown cleaning is one of those rare specialties that could easily go wrong when you try to do it on your own, kind of like cutting your own hair.

Working with different fabrics requires knowledge of different skills, techniques and cleaning agents. Your gown may also require special attention if it is a vintage gown with older materials that require additional expertise for both cleaning and repair.

There are some dresses, particularly dresses made entirely of polyester, that brides could feasibly clean on their own. However, some designers construct gowns from a variety of materials and so bridal gown cleaning requires a variety of techniques.  Don't overlook a silk layer amongst polyester layers if you decide to wash your gown yourself. This could result in a disaster.  A gown made entirely of polyester could be cleaned at home.  But don't forget about special trims, lace and beads.

Don't Forget The Lace, Trim and Beading

Some techniques work for satin trim while others work better for lace or beading. Unless you know the differences, your DIY bridal gown cleaning could be more trouble than it's worth..

And if you want to preserve your wedding dress, you will need to secure a 100% acid-free preservation box and tissue for cushioning the folds.  Don't settle for just acid-free...make sure it is 100% acid free.

Pressing and Steaming A Wedding Gown

Pressing and steaming a dress is a DIY project if you have a steamer. Take care to keep water off a silk dress by placing a cotton sock over the steamer to absorb any excess moisture that forms on the steamer.  In a pinch, placing your gown in a steamy bathroom with the doors closed will help relax the fabric to reduce minor wrinkles.  But a steamer is essential if you want to effectively remove wrinkles and creases from your wedding dress.

I love a great DIY wedding and the independent spirit that shines through. Hearing the stories behind the home grown bouquets, secret family cake recipes and lovingly hand-beaded accessories makes weddings unique and heart felt occasions.

But consider allowing a professional handle the bridal gown cleaning for you or your DIY wedding day could become a full-blown disaster instead.

Finding a Professional

Here is a link to the location of more than 500 Certified Wedding Gown Specialists around the world.  These local professionals can take all of the guess work out of the project.  Champion Wedding Gown Specialist if the local certified wedding gown specialist in the Birmingham, Alabama area.

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