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Should You Preserve Your Wedding Dress In A Box Or On A Hanger?

Posted by David Whitehurst on April 4, 2012

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Oh, the hanger. Such a versatile piece of equipment made for every item of clothing under the sun. Pants, dresses, suits, coats, ties, scarves — you can use these for anything, except maybe shoes.


Heck, you can even use a wire hanger to unclog a drain or unlock your car door (and I've never done that...).

But when it comes to wedding dress preservation, the hanger is persona non grata. Yes, it's handy for your everyday clothing but wedding dress preservation requires specialized tools. Even museums, when it comes to long term preservation, recommend boxing gowns and dresses when not on display to preserve the integrity of the dress. 

Hangers harm dresses by putting stress on the material, seams and hems. Think about the weight of your wedding gown. If you use hangers for wedding dress preservation, all that weight rests on the shoulder seams, straps or bust of the dress, pulling on the material causing it to sag and putting stress on the stitches. Over time, the dress will have structural damage. 
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Placing your gown in a box for wedding dress preservation allows the dress to rest with the weight of the material, beading or other accents distributed evenly. In the long run, this will preserve the durability of the dress, especially if you plan on passing your gown along as an heirloom. As always, you should choose an acid free box and acid free tissue paper so the preservation itself doesn't damage the dress.

Hangers serve a purpose, don't get me wrong. My closet is full of them for the clothes I wear every day. Wedding dress preservation, though, is not an every day occasion. You will probably do this just once so it's important to do it right and choose a box for your wedding dress preservation.

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