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Using An Experienced Dressmaker When Altering A Wedding Gown

Posted by David Whitehurst on April 16, 2012

 Hemming a wedding dress in BIrmingham, Alabama

What makes a wedding gown so special?

In my opinion, it's the unique craftsmanship that goes into each gown and the perfect fit on the Bride.


No other dress you will ever wear will come close to matching the singular nature of your wedding gown. Given the specialized nature of your dress, why would you trust your wedding gown alterations to just any seamstress? You should, instead, take your dress to a wedding gown alterations specialist, typically a dressmaker or a tailor.

Wedding gowns differ from everyday dresses and even other evening wear. The closest fashion to wedding gowns is the handmade couture gowns you might see on the red carpet. A wedding gown often has several layers, intricate beading, lace accents or complicated hems and trimmings that make alterations difficult and complicated. Wedding gown alterations specialists have to take all of these factors into consideration when making changes so that the dress fits you perfectly come your wedding day.

Consider a wedding gown hem, for example. One bride I worked with had a beaded hem around the entire length of the gown, which was just a few inches too long for her. Her regular seamstress suggested removing the hem, shortening the dress and reattaching the hem. Thankfully, this bride chose to talk to a wedding gown alterations specialist first. Once a complicated hem is removed, you can almost never reattach it straight. No bride wants to walk down the aisle with a crooked hem. Instead, the bride and I came up with the solution of wearing a larger slip under the gown, choosing higher heels and shortening the straps just a little. This made the gown wearable and protected the integrity of the signature hem.

Wedding gowns are a once in a lifetime purchase, which is why brides often spend so much time looking for the perfect dress. It would be a shame to then ruin your dress with less than perfect wedding gown alterations. Trust the rest of your clothes to your regular seamstress but see a wedding gown alterations specialist to make changes to the gown of your lifetime.

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