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Preserving A Wedding Dress - Why Do It Locally?

Posted by David Whitehurst on May 7, 2012

Wedding Gown Cleaning and Preservation in Birmingham, Alabama

Think global. Act local. At least that's what the bumper sticker tells us to do.And since I'm in the habit of following the advice of bumper stickers — yes, I imagine world peace — I try to bring as much business to my local craftsmen in Birmingham, Alabama as possible.


I also encourage brides to choose local gown specialists like myself for their wedding gown cleaning, preservation and alteration needs. There are several reasons why a local wedding gown preservation can benefit a bride, even if she lives somewhere other than where the wedding is held.

Emergency Wedding Gown Assistance in Birmingham

First and foremost, a local wedding gown specialist can help out in emergencies in the days before a wedding whereas someone far away cannot. This includes last minute pressing and steaming, an unexpected rip or tear, or those unforeseen needs. Once, I had a bride call in a panic just hours before her ceremony because her dressmaker had forgotten to include eye hooks for the detachable train. 

At Champion Wedding Gown Specialist in Birmingham, you can also take advantage of our Gown Protection plan which includes pressing, spot removal and basic hem and seam repairs for one price...that is less than pressing alone.

You Are Our Only Bride

Secondly, we spend time getting to know the brides we work with. Your wedding day is unique to you and even though we work with many brides, we treat you as though you and your gown are our only Bride and gown that we care for.  We want your day to be picture perfect.  A wedding gown preservation specialist in a distant city cannot give you this type of personal attention.

And if you have a problem a few months or a few years from now, you know where to go and who to talk to about it in Birmingham, Alabama.


Immediate Attention To Your Gown Care

A local gown specialist can get started on your wedding gown preservation immediately after the ceremony. The sooner you start the cleaning and preservation process, the more likely you are to preserve the gown in a pristine condition. If you wait until after the honeymoon or until you return home, stains may have set in or you could cause more damage while traveling.


View The Gown Before Boxing

Finally, you also have the advantage of viewing the dress before it goes into the wedding gown preservation box. You can personally examine any problem areas, allow the wedding gown specialist to pack the gown and show you how to do it for your periodic inspection.  You will rest easy knowing your gown was well cared for. 

When a gown is shipped to you, you should still examine it and make sure the problem areas have been addresses.  And make sure it is you gown as well.  When we ship gown (and we do), you will have to learn how to re-pack the gown to minimize permanent creases. 

Most weddings tend to be local affairs already, living out the think global, act local ethic. Your florist, baker and caterer most likely come from the surrounding area. You should choose a local wedding gown preservation specialist as well to make sure your gown and your wedding receive the attention to detail you deserve.

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