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A Survival Guide To Wedding Day Emergencies

Posted by David Whitehurst on April 22, 2012

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Your wedding day will be full of memorable moments. Most of those moments will become wonderful, treasured memories you will hold in your heart forever. Unfortunately, there will also be a few moments that cause panic. Prepare for these potential disasters by creating an emergency wedding dress care package before the wedding day arrives.


Here are a few basics you should include in your survival guide for emergency wedding dress care.

1. Needle and thread: Buy some thread that matches your wedding dress and the bridesmaid dresses. Thread, along with a needle and some small scissors can help mend small emergency wedding dress care problems like loose eye hooks or falling hems.

2. Two-sided tape: This versatile tool can fix many emergency wedding dress care problems including errant bra straps, reapplying a loose applique or helping a dress bodice stay in place. You can also use tape to expertly lift off dust, make up or other powdery stains from a dress (like pollen from those star gazer lilies in the bouquet!). 

3. Stain removal sticks or wipes: The reception is one big stain just waiting to happen. Mix a white dress with guests, food and wine and the bride is more than likely to end up with something on her gown. Treat the stains quickly and not only will the dress look flawless in the photos, but the stains are less likely to set for the long term. 

4. White dental floss: This multi-use tool serves several purpose. First, it keeps your smile free of seeds, cake, parsley — whatever — for photos. Secondly, white floss can double as thread or string for emergency wedding dress care needs like fixing a strap ASAP.

5. Fabric bandages:  Because, well, you just never know. Blisters from your high heels, covering a mole or wart, the accidental cut or scrape, or even fixing a fallen hem, the fabric bandage can do it all in a pinch.

6. Baby Powder:  A little baby powder can hide a stain for a while without harming your dress.

Don't let your emergency wedding dress care disasters ruin your wedding. Be prepared with a survival kit and those little problems will become the story you tell with your girlfriends for years to come.
Champion Wedding Gown Specialist in Birmingham, Alabama offers it's Gown Protection Plan for help will all types of gown care needs for both new and previously owned wedding gowns.  These plans are designed to help with your gown care needs before your wedding, including:
  • Pressing and steaming
  • Basic hem and seam repairs
  • Spot and stain removal
Call us at 205.588.4120 for more details or follow this link about our Gown Protection Plan.

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