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Will I Ruin My Wedding Dress By Trying It On After Preserving It?

Posted by David Whitehurst on June 28, 2012

We are asked often about what it means to try on a wedding dress after it's been cleaned and preserved.  


Wedding dress preservation in Birmingham Alabama


When you get a wedding dress preservation, the dress is first inspected for stains and the stains and dirt are pre-treated if needed.  The dress is then cleaned and inspected again.  Once the dress is clean and all stains that can be removed are reduced as much as possible, the wedding dress is packed in a special preservation box.

So the question asking if you will ruin your wedding dress if try it on after you preserve it can be answered simply as "no, you won't ruin your dress."  It's no different than trying on any other dress.  But there is one big difference in the case of a preserved wedding dress.

A preserved wedding dress is at a high level of "clean" and without contamination from body oil, perspiration, dirt, etc.  To the extent that you handle the dress and try it on, you can easily get these outside contaminants on the dress which can cause problems with keeping your dress in great shape for the future.  You will likely need to have it cleaned again and returned to the preservation box or you will run the risk of having yellow or brown stains on the dress in a few months.

So no, you won't ruin your dress if you try it on after it is preserved.  But you could easily ruin the preservation.


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