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Can I Preserve A Wedding Dress In a Space Bag?

Posted by David Whitehurst on July 5, 2012

Vacuum Seal BagI've been asked several times about storing wedding gowns in vacuum seal bags such Space Bags.  And while I've never used the product, I do not recommend using a vacuum seal storage bags for storing wedding dresses.

These bags claim to protect against dust, bugs, mildew and odors...and to save a lot of space for storage. 

But when you vacuum seal a wedding dress, this is what can happen:

  • The dress becomes creased, oftentimes permanently
  • If there is any moisture in the dress (including from heavy humidity), mildew can form on the dress and damage it.
  • If the wedding dress has not been properly cleaned, mold can form on the dress and damage it.
  • Plastic will cause fine fabrics to yellow over time

While vacuum sealing might work fine for towels, blankets, sheets and regular clothing like jeans and tee shirts, this is not a good solution for preserving a wedding dress.  In fact, it will likely cause permanent damage to your wedding dress.

There are two ways to properly preserve a wedding dress.  Both methods require the dress to be properly cleaned before preservation.

The two best methods for wedding dress preservation are:

  • In a 100% acid-free preservation box with the folds cushioned by acid-free tissue paper
  • On a hanger protected by a white cotton garment bag like muslin

Both methods allow the dress to "breathe" provide some protection.  Always store your wedding dress in a climate controlled area and never in a humid basement or hot attic.

Museums use the preservation box and that is the method I recommend.  Storage is easier with the box, the dress is better protected and you don't run the risk of stretching seams when the dress is on a hanger.

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