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Cleaning a Polyester Wedding Dress?

Posted by Brandi Kane on September 4, 2012

 polyester gown

Caring for your Dream Dress shouldn’t be a nightmare. 

Polyester is a popular fabric for wedding and formal gowns alike.  It’s affordable and comes in a variety of weaves and textures. 

Durable and stain-resistant, polyester continues to gain popularity with brides-to-be.  With so many details to worry about before and after a wedding, Cleaning a Polyester Wedding Dress shouldn't be one of them.

Debunking the Myths

Long gone are the days of Groovy leisure suits and 18 inch bell bottoms but polyester still carries with it a certain stigma.  Commonly considered stuffy and cheap, many brides miss out on the Perfect Dress because they refuse to consider a Polyester Wedding Dress an option.  Construction of clothing has changed alot in recent years with new weaving techniques being introduced. 

For example, everyone loves the feel of satin.  It's smooth, luxurious to the touch... and is often times made with polyester!  This is where the confusion begins, differentiating between a fiber, (polyester, cotton, silk) and a weave, (satin, sateen, chenille.)

The Perfect Choice

A Satin weave is common in Polyester Wedding Gowns.  

It's shiny, it looks expensive, and it feels great. 

 satin polyester

Maybe you've found the Perfect Polyester Wedding Dress and looked like a Princess at your wedding, or maybe you bought it second hand and it needs a little TLC; either way you are now faced with the task of cleaning it. 

There are many online suggestions to cleaning a Polyester Gown, some good, some bad, and some ideas out there are downright ugly!  At Champion Cleaners in Birmingham, Alabama, we suggest taking your Perfect Dress to a Professional Wedding Gown Specialist.  This is the only way to ensure that your Polyester Wedding Gown is handled correctly.

At home techniques are unreliable at best and polyester, while a "super-fabric" of sorts still needs special care.  When making your decision to best approach this, here are a few points to consider:

  • Polyesters are thermoplastics and may change shape after the application of heat.  For this reason care must be taken when choosing what temperature to clean at.
  • Most polyesters are labeled machine washable but save the machines for your leisure suits!  Commercial laundry detergents aren't appropriate for gowns. Machines tend to retain alot of soap even after rinsing.  See for yourself and run a load of clothes with just water.  If you do not add detergent and still see suds, that will give you an idea of just how much remains in your washer. This could severly damage the gown.
  • Though an extremely durable fabric, snags do occur.  Improper agitation of a polyester gown more often than not causes irrepairable snags. 
  • Drying a gown is an important step.  Air Drying improperly can cause mildewing and irreversable stretching.  Electric clothes dryers are extremely harsh on fabrics and actually tear your clothes on a microscopic level.  Enough dryings and you will begin to see wear on your clothes in the form of holes, fuzz, or pilling.  That's what all that lint is, pieces of your clothes!  Would you want to subject your Perfect Dress to that harsh of a treatment?

The best care of Polyester Wedding Gowns will always come from the Professionals.  At Champion Cleaners in Birmingham, Alabama we know what it takes to keep your Perfect Dress in perfect condition.



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