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Basic Wedding Dress Alterations

Posted by David Whitehurst on August 17, 2012

wedding gown alterations
Give the Perfect Dress the Perfect Fit.

You finally found your wedding dress. You put it on and knew this was the One. Congratulations! Now, it's time to bring your dress in for wedding gown alterations to turn the dress you found in the bridal shop into the dress made just for you.

I recommend any bride get three basic wedding gown alterations on their gowns. You can always augment these alterations later and personalize the gown, but at the very least, you will need three adjustments:

The Hem, The Bodice And A Bustle.

  • The Hem: A hem alteration is one of the most important wedding gown alterations for several reasons. First, you don't want to trip on your gown if it is too long. Secondly, you need to hem your dress to work with the shoes you plan to wear to the wedding and the reception (if you plan to wear different shoes). Altering the hem will allow you to move freely and without having to hold on to your dress all night. Be sure to take your wedding shoes with you when you get your hem alterations.


  • Bodice: Each body is unique. But dresses are made to fit a standard. Very few people fit into a dress like it was made just for them. Bodice wedding gown alterations make your gown fit you like it was made just for you, flattering your body and silhouette, and turning a beautiful gown into a work of art. 


  • The Bustle: A large percentage of wedding gowns have trains. A train makes for a grand entrance and looks beautiful in photos and during the ceremony. However, a train becomes a hazard during the reception. Your wedding gown alterations must include creating a bustle so you can enjoy your reception without tripping, ruining your gown by dragging it behind you or holding onto your gown all night.      

                      Wedding gown alterations typically include one of four types of bustles: the over bustle, French bustle, royal bustle or ballroom bustle. You can also add accessories like bows or ribbons to personalize your gown. If there is one day to demand perfection in your garments, it's your wedding day. These three basic wedding gown alterations — the hem, the bodice and the bustle — will make you feel the joy of finding your dress all over again and feeling your best throughout your festivities.


Wedding Dress Alterations in Birmingham Alabama

Get Wedding Dress Alterations from a Specialist. 

From simple hems, to adding a bustle, altering the bodice to a redesign of a vintage gown.  We can do it and you can relax.

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