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What is Wedding Gown Preservation?

Posted by Sherry Whitehurst on August 21, 2012

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 The perfect wedding gown is an investment.     

Most brides I know think a lot about their wedding gown prior to their wedding. You search for your gown, get fitted for the gown, and dream about finally wearing the gown on your wedding day. Your gown story shouldn't end there, though. Wedding Gown Preservation is the final chapter to ensure your gown holds its beauty into the future.

Wedding gown preservation occurs in five steps:

  • Repair: Your wedding is a busy day and it's highly likely you will damage your dress in some way. Zippers, hooks, buttons, beads and lace — these can come loose or come off all together. We examine a dress in depth looking for these repairs and any others that need to be made to preserve the integrity of the gown.  You can choose to repair your gown or not prior to preservation...unless the damage will get worse during cleaning.
  • Trouble Areas: The next step in wedding gown preservation is to address the problem areas of your dress. These are the areas most likely to have stains. Hems, underarms and stains from that glass of wine your cousin splashed on you. These areas will require extra attention before the full gown cleaning so stains don't set and cause your gown to yellow, fade or discolor.
  • Gown Cleaning: This is the step most brides take with their wedding gown preservation and is an important one for keeping the gown looking its best. Without the other steps, though, a full gown cleaning won't be enough to preserve your gown for future generations.
  • Inspection: After the full gown cleaning, we thoroughly inspect the gown again, paying extra attention to any repairs and trouble areas to make sure no stains or spots remain that could cause the gown to yellow or discolor. An initial cleaning might not remove a stain and it may require further work.
  • Boxing: This is another wedding gown preservation step most brides are familiar with. The details matter in this step. Request a 100 percent, acid free wedding gown preservation box. Your preservationist should also use acid-free tissue paper and a bust form to help the gown keep its shape and prevent creases. 

These are the steps used for wedding gown preservation which allow you to keep treasuring that gown well into the future. Who knows? Someday your own daughter, niece or granddaughter might make your gown the focus of all her pre-wedding dreams. But even more importantly, you will have your wedding dress for a lifetime of memories.

Follow these five wedding gown preservation steps and your gown will last a lifetime.

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