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Non-Traditional Winter Wedding Gowns

Posted by Brandi Kane on December 5, 2012


More and more, Today's brides are throwing tradition out the window and choosing to express their own style in their wedding dress.

The colors and styles are always changing but the fabrics used are generally the same. Lace, tulle, satin, and polyester are still quite prevalent, so be sure to only trust your Wedding Gown, Halloween themed or not, to a Certified Wedding Gown Specialist like Champion Wedding Gown Specialist in Birmingham Alabama.

black gown

Black is no longer a Faux Pas.  With Beautiful lines and classic fabrics, you'll still look like a princess.

Winter is a favorite season of many, (myself included), and so it's only fitting for it to serve as Wedding Inspiration. Here, I've collected a few gowns that ensure you will stand out against the winter snow.

Here are a few Trends to look for in Winter Wedding Wear:

  • Dark, romantic gowns
  • Vintage and Renaissance Styles
  • Bright pops of color in Reds and oranges
  • A general steering away from traditional white gowns



This dress definitely has a gothic flair to it.   Always remember that it's YOUR wedding, so it is only appropriate that you incorporate elements of who you are as a person into both the design and decor.  Your dress should be as individual and unique as you.  If you happen to have gothic elements in your personality or lifestyle, definately express that.  Since romance and ceremony are rooted deep in gothic traditions, this is a look that is quickly gaining in popularity.

As dark as it is, the drape of the fabric is pleasing to the eye, and the flowers float downward as if riding on a lazy midnight stream.

Want to be festive but hesitant to go to the dark side?  How about this cute skirt. 

This dress is actually a three piece outfit.  The bodice, skirt, and sash are separate.  The colors can be mixed and matched, and the orange color here brightens up a room during the cold season. 

Stay with a white bodice to keep it light or mix and match colors.  The three pieces do come in a variety of colors.


orange skirt

A red dress screams romance and dramatic beauty.  Perfect for a Wedding and perfect for Winter. Taking traditional shapes by hugging the curves and  offering a lazy mermaid drape, this dress is classy and sophisticated but made unique by the color choice.


Whatever your style is, dark and gothic or silly and bright; there are plenty of choices for any Winter bride.  The one constant is taking the best care of your gown.  This means Professional Cleaning, Restoring, and Heirlooming to make your memories last for many Winters to come.


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