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Care and Cleaning of Bridesmaid Dresses

Posted by Brandi Kane on November 26, 2012

Like your Wedding Gown, a Bridesmaid's Dress needs to be cared for by a Professional Dry Cleaner, and more confidently by a couture dry cleaners such as a Certified Wedding Gown Specialist. It wouldn't do to have your Bridesmaids showing up looking like a rumpled, stained mess!


ruined dress 

Bridesmaids dresses are sometimes more difficult to care for than a wedding gown. This is due to the huge variety of colors, fabrics, and even garment quality found in a Bridesmaid’s gown. While wedding gowns can generally be of white, cream, or ivory persuasion, a Bridesmaid's dress can be anything in the Bride's imagination. I've seen everything from cotton to chiffon, even dresses adorned in paper roses.

This is why we suggest taking care when choosing your bridesmaids gowns to begin with, then only allowing a couture dry cleaner such as a Certified Wedding Gown Specialist to handle the cleaning and pressing.

Here are a few tips to make caring for your Bridesmaid dresses easier:

  • Order all your dresses at the same time, in the same fabric. They are often batch dyed and two dresses dyed in different batches may not be the same color. Also, different fabrics will absorb dye differently.
  • Order an extra dress in a large-ish size. Having an extra bridesmaids dress has been shown to prevent wedding disasters. Let’s say a bridesmaid falls in the road on the way to the wedding and the front of the dress is destroyed. You have an extra dress that can be fitted with a few safety pins. Or maybe the size 4 dress you ordered for your best friend doesn't fit because she won’t admit she's a size 8, or perhaps a plane was delayed and a bridesmaid is running 6 hours late, you have a dress for a stand-in; the justifications for ordering an extra far outweigh the cost.
  • Most importantly, take care of the Bridesmaids! You are asking them the favor of being your bridesmaid and you need to make sure that you pick the right gown for each of them. If they like the dress they are wearing, they will no doubt be more careful with it. If they hate the dress, they probably won’t care if it gets destroyed. Consider a dress they can wear again, perhaps in a neutral color with an accessory like a sash or bouquet that showcases your wedding color.

Taking these few tips to heart will ensure that you avoid a few potential disasters and make your special day go off without a hitch.

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