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Should I Preserve My Wedding Dress?

Posted by Brandi Kane on February 7, 2013

If you plan to sell your Wedding Dress, you should definately get it preserved.  Preserving a Wedding Dress can be done at anytime after a wedding.  This being said, do note that the sooner you get your Wedding Dress to a Wedding Gown Specialist for cleaning and preservation, the better the outcome.  The longer stains and oils sit on the fabric, the harder it is to get out.  There's even a chance that the stain may have set it and be impossible to remove.  Don't let this happen to you, take your dress in immediately.  Be Proactive, not Reactive. 


I love thrift stores and discovered one I hadn't yet been to.  Walking through the doors my attention was immediately drawn to a rumpled wedding gown that had been poorly heirloomed.  I was drawn to it and went to mourn it's sad state.  Now, Ric Pevey is the head honcho at Champion Wedding Gown Specialist but I have been assisting and working with him for some time now in the cleaning and preserving of Wedding Dresses.  Enough that I was able to become a Certified Wedding Gown Specialist myself.  Seeing that rumpled gown broke my heart.

I picked it up off the floor, (who puts a wedding gown on the floor!?), and set the box and it's sad contents on the counter.  The clerk came over and asked if I needed help.  I told her a little about what I do and how this sad dress tugged my heartstrings.  She stated that the dress had been donated in that condition, that even priced to move they just could not get it to sell.  I opened up the unsealed box and took out the gown. 

It was a stunning with a designer label.  I've seen brides pay several thousands for this dress.  It was then that I noticed the ugly green price sticker that was stuck directly on the dress advertising it's sale for $75.00.    I removed the sticker, letting them know that the adhesive could damage the dress and they kind of smiled at me like I was crazy.  There was acid free paper in the box.  I took it upon myself to re-situate the dress to display it in the boxes window like it deserved to be, placing the paper between the layers properly to preserve the dress the best way possible.  I wish I had thought to take an "after" picture.

The clerk watched me the whole time and when I was done, I showed her the dress properly presented in it's box and all she could say was "wow."  I advised her to keep the box closed and off the floor since it wasn't taped up.  I'd hate for bugs and creepy crawlers to make a meal out of this gown. 

A couple weeks later I found my way back to that thrift store.  I decided to go in and look for the dress.  I noticed the clerk that had been there before so I approached her to ask about it.  When she noticed me, she put on a big smile and headed over to me.  She excitedly told me that the dress had sold only a few hours after I left.  When I had asked them not to put a price tag on the dress, they forgot to price it all together.  The buyer was adamant about purchasing the dress and the store made much more than they had anticipated.

Had that gown stayed in its original condition, it may not have sold;  it may have sat dusty and neglected for years, eventually being destroyed by bugs or irreversible yellowing and staining. That gown had been there, unloved and unsold for months.  It was lucky that the gown was in good shape, it must have been at least cleaned before being shoved into it's box.

When considering the promptness of Preserving a Wedding Dress, remember that:
  • The sooner the better-  Don't let those stains become permanent.
  • Use a Certified Wedding Gown Specialist- Don't just throw your gown in any old box, and NEVER leave your gown in a plastic bag.
  • It may not be too late-  Just like the dress in the thrift store, your wedding may have been months or years ago, but it's never too late to have your Wedding Dress Preserved.  Even if some staining or yellowing has occurred, there is always a chance your dress could be restored.  If anything, preserve your wedding dress to prevent further damage.


Whether you plan to Sell Your Wedding Dress, or Preserve Your Wedding Gown for future generations, make sure you do it right.  Take it to a Certified Wedding Gown Specialist like Champion Wedding Gown Specialist in Birmingham Alabama to have it treated with the love and respect your special gown deserves.  This is the only way to ensure your dress is kept in the best condition possible.

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