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What's Your Wedding Style? Part Two: Modern

Posted by Brandi Kane on March 25, 2013


What's your Wedding Style?  Being able to answer this one question will help you shape your entire wedding from start to finish.

Though Classic Weddings are the most popular, non-traditional weddings are on the rise.  Many Brides choose to put a modern spin on the standard wedding. 

As with any wedding style, Wedding Dress Cleaning is of the upmost importance.  Bring your Modern Gown to a Certified Wedding Gown Specialist like Champion Wedding Gown Specialists in Birmingham Alabama.  Be sure to start your wedding with a pristine dress by having it cleaned before your wedding.  Then have it cleaned and preserved after your wedding.

Here we will provide some style inspiration for your special day.


The Modern Wedding Dress


A Modern Gown can come in almost any shape or color.  It usually involves lines not associated with traditional gowns.  Overall appearance is still clean and classy. 

 The Modern Wedding Bouquet


The Modern Wedding Bouquet consists of any color flowers, usually based on the wedding colors, in shapes slightly different that the traditional bouquet. 

The Modern Wedding Cake


The Modern Wedding cake is a frosted cake of two or more layers.  Can be almost any shape, mainly round or square.  This cake is classy and like the modern wedding dress, has clean lines.  May also sport bursts of color, shown here in roses.

The Modern Centerpiece


As vast and varied as brides themselves, Modern Centerpieces are very hard to describe.  Yet again, clean lines and classy looks are the defining factors.

Modern Wedding Invitations


The Modern Invitation is a white cardstock card with neutral or black graphics.  It is printed with a bold, fold script in complimentary colors.  It can also come with RSVP cards. 

The Modern Wedding style is gaining in popularity and many Brides choose it to express their individuality. 

Wedding Gown Cleaning in Birmingham AL

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