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What's Your Wedding Style? Part Four: Rustic

Posted by Brandi Kane on August 9, 2013


What's your Wedding Style?  Being able to answer this one question will help you shape your entire wedding from start to finish.

Classic and Traditional Weddings are the most Common.  In 2012, 64% of all weddings were in this category.  Though Classic weddings are definitely the most popular, Rustic Weddings are a choice gaining in poplularity. 

Rustic Wedding Style Weddings usually star a Rustic Wedding Dress.  Older, delicate fabrics require special treatment and attention.  Out of all the wedding gown preparations, Wedding Dress Cleaning is of the upmost importance.  Bring your Rustic Gown to a Certified Wedding Gown Specialist like Champion Wedding Gown Specialists in Birmingham Alabama.

Here we will provide some style inspiration for your special day.


The Rustic Wedding Dress


Rustic gowns are generally off-white, candle light, or other shades of yellowed white.  Styling will depend on the era of the gown since Rustic is a term used loosely these days. Generally speaking, Rustic Wedding Dresses will be on the modest side, with country elements.

 The Rustic Wedding Bouquet

 Rustic Bouquet

The Rustic Wedding Bouquet consists of white, ivory, yellow and pale pink flowers, usually roses and wild flowers formed in a traditional bouquet shape. 

The Rustic Wedding Cake


The Rustic Wedding Cake is really up to the individual.  These may be traditional cakes with Rustic patterns or decorations.  In this example, the bride chose to use Rustic colors, flowers, and I LOVE the cakestand.

The Rustic Centerpiece


Simple wildflowers in a clear container are a Rustic Centerpiece for your reception tables.  For a variation, you can use different colored containers, mason jars, old glass bottles or colored flowers.

Rustic Wedding Invitations


The Rustic Invitation is only limited by the couples imagination.   Cream colored or tea dyed cardstock can really enhance the Rustic feel. 

The Rustic Wedding Style is a popular choice for a reason.  It's timeless, unique, and creates a special day sure to be remembered. 

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