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Enchanting Christmas Wedding Ideas

Posted by Champion Wedding Gown Specialist on December 13, 2015


Christmas is the most amazing time of the year to have a wedding. All family and friends come together to celebrate so it is a memorable time to take advantage of this precious time. This little guideline will help you plan the most memorable and joyous Christmas wedding event for yourself.



You hear the word Christmas and the only colors that pop up in your mind include reds and greens. However there is a mass of other contemporary hues that can add vibrancy in your wedding ceremony thus making it a lively extravaganza. Deep reds or purples infused in conventional whites can add a chic touch with warm luxury and ceremonial touch to your event. In addition, seasonal flower arrangements and fragrant candles can also enhance the overall impact of your occasion.


Plan the bride and groom’s attires according to the selected scheme colors. This will give an entire event a coordinated and alluring look. However, keep in mind to add some warm adornments in your dressing plan to keep yourself comfortable in the cold season. As December days are shorter and comparatively darker, try to inculcate some blazing jewel tones in your gowns. For a low light-setup, mauve and plums make a winning combination.


To give your bridesmaids an adorable look, you could dress them up in traditional winter whites along with diamante earrings, bracelets or belts. For bridesmaid’s presents, a pashmina in contrasting hue is a perfect choice to complement chilly, winter-y breeze.


An exquisitely embellished Christmas tree is a MUST have at your venue. Try to incorporate your color scheme in the embellishments of the tree.  Silvers, plums, berry and gold are absolutely stylish and vintage. If you want to add some shimmery glow in the décor, nothing beats turquoise, emerald or ruby shades in your customized Christmas tree furnishings. 


Try to plan a warm, delicious feast for your guests. Pies and tarts, meaty dishes, Christmas puddings, trifle, hot beverages and your beautifully designed wedding cake will add a distinctive delightfulness to your wedding event. How about adding a little Xmas tree on every table? A perfect addition to complement your table décor with the Christmastide!


Engaging children in some kind of activity will let their parents have a great time. Invite father Xmas to your event who can distribute gifts and occupy little ones. Having a DVD setup with some of the latest, kid’s favorite movies will engage them for pretty long while the elder ones can enjoy their beverages and canapés.


Let Christmas glow be reflected in each aspect of your day. Injecting some Christmas cheer to your nails will add some extra charm to your look. In addition, fill your wedding pictures with some colors of Christmas. Groomsmen wearing bobble hats will look absolutely alluring and adorable.

Christmas is an ideal time to multiply festivity and celebration with your wedding. With little innovation and creativity, you can make your big day an event that no one will forget for a long time. Best wishes and Happy Christmas Wedding!

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