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Find A Local Wedding Dress Cleaner Before Your Wedding

Posted by David Whitehurst on November 18, 2015

wedding-gown-cleaning-3Flowers, wedding dress, photographer, videographer, cake, venue, guest list, reception decor and all the other needs for your wedding.  You've already spent hours and hours planning your wedding and that includes finding the perfect dress.

But with all of the stress on your dress like fittings, photographs and just the pure joy of trying it on, how do you protect the investment in your dress and make sure you look fabulous for your wedding. You need a local partner (besides your spouse) to help you.

Here's a quick tutorial you'll find helpful when working with your local wedding dress cleaners: Your first challenge is to find the right dry cleaner. But then you need to decide if the wedding gwon cleaner will work with you to your best benefit.

Avoid Mass-Production and Everyday Dry Cleaners.  

This is your special dress and you want consultants and cleaners who specialize in the delicate fabrics and intricate beading of wedding dresses.  Most everyday dry cleaners don't clean wedding dresses themselves because they don't really know how and may be afraid of the liability that comes with damaging a wedding dress. Instead they ship it off to a wholesaler that runs a assembly line. Your dress becomes "just another dress" and probably doesn't get the individual attention it needs.

It's important to find a local dry cleaner who can handle your last-minute dress needs, like repairing a lose hem or getting out out a spot or smudge before your wedding.


But even if the everyday dry cleaner does its own work, does he really know what he's doing?

Look for a "certified wedding gown specialist" who is trained and expereinced in the special treatment needed for wedding gowns.

Can The Dry Cleaner Get The Stains Out Without Cleaning the Dress?

If you had portraits or pictures done ahead of time you may have makeup or grass stains on your dress. The dress has also been handled quite a bit as you've tried it on, had it altered and just plain admired it (don't worry, all brides admire their dress).  A certified wedding dress cleaner will do a needed spot cleaning first. These areas get treated based on the type of stain and the material. Different stains need different cleaning methods. Sometimes these problems can be corrected without getting a whole dress cleaning.

So what happens when you get nasty dirt or mud stains on the hem of your silk dress before your wedding day? You really need to find a qualified wedding dress cleaner and let her help you. Here's an example of when this is important and why: 

For your dress to look perfect on your wedding day, you need to remove the dirt and stains it has accumulated over the weeks leading up to your wedding. Dirt on your hem line will show, especially on the back of the dress while you're walking down the aisle. Water is needed to effectively remove dirt. If you have a silk dress, water can cause noticeable problems to silk. What do you do? Take to a certified wedding dress specialist because they know the trade secrets. 

Dry or wet cleaning?  

Again, this is why you go to the pros.  They will know which type of cleaning is best for the fabric of your gown and your dress may need both if it is a mix of fabrics or has intricate lace and beading.  Certified professionals will first do a test to ensure they are 100% sure of the fabric type. Often there are different types of fabrics in the same dress. And not all labels are correct.  Once they know the type of material they are dealing with they will use the proper method to clean your gown and make it perfect.  

Go to a certified wedding dress cleaning specialist.  

You invested a lot of time and perhaps money finding the one and only dress; the dress of your dreams. Don't just pass it off to anyone to clean it.  Look for certified wedding dress cleaners to ensure your precious gown is in the hands of those who understand not only your dress, but the importance the dress means.

Finding a qualified wedding dress cleaner doesn't have to bring heartache. Just keep in mind a few simple things and both you and your wedding dress can be perfect before and after your big moment!

Find a wedding dress cleaner with credentials to remove your stress on that issue.


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