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Geometric Weddings: A Trending Wedding Ideas for 2016

Posted by Champion Wedding Gown Specialist on April 14, 2016


Geometric Wedding IdeasFor the past few years, a shift from the conventional wedding décor to elegant contemporary setup has been quite evident. The modern couples prefer their big day to be more vibrant, audacious and up-to-date than ever before.

Thus, the trend of Geometric weddings is surely having a moment these days. Whether it is geometric wall art or geometric paint jobs, geometric cakes or geometric wearable, this bold yet amazingly jaw-dropping wedding trend has been witnessed all around.

We have listed the perfect geometric wedding themed ideas that will certainly make this one-time celebration a reason to rejoice throughout your life.

Think Differently

Go for not-so-conventional flower bouquets. You can replace your traditional floral wreaths with aesthetically created geometric bouquets. The best part is that you can match them with your wedding theme easily and they can be adorned perfectly with various embellishments. In addition, being extremely cost-effective, you can scatter them all around the wedding site.

An Elegant Geometric Cake

Your wedding cake is something you plan a way before the actual event. If you have decided to opt for a geometric wedding theme, don’t forget to incorporate it in each aspect of the wedding. A gilded geometric cake will give your entire wedding theme a fresh yet absolutely modern touch. We would suggest you to go for minimalist approach. A plain white or black fondant base with some geometric adornments on top of it is a perfect idea. Pair this up with a complementing geometric cake stand to have a complementing effect.

Brilliant Blazing Backdrop

Spruce up a plain wedding site with a geometric backdrop. A few yards of fabric in accordance with your event theme and voila! You are all set to have an extremely contemporary, tasteful décor. However, don’t forget to pick the hues that are loud and vibrant so that the backdrop reflects the colors of joy at its best.

Splashy Geometric Welcome sign

Greet your guests with a geometric welcome sign that makes an astute statement. The gesture will not only look appealing but will also add a personalized touch to the décor. Oh, and don’t forget to set your #hashtag on that.

Geometric Table Runners

An elegant, fascinating table runner is an absolute MUST for an impeccable wedding décor. You can use fresh flowers, wood sticks, skewers and of course a slight origami sense to create an amazing, aesthetically-perfect piece.geometric wedding ideas


Wedding Favors

To give your wedding a special touch, opt for small geometric wedding favors. You can include a pull tab displaying the name of your guest to make them feel special.

The Glittery Geometric Piñata

To finish off your night with style, nothing can beat a glittery, beautiful geometric piñata. In addition, you can also prepare geometric sparklers exit for an exquisite touch.

Geometric theme can certainly be an extravagant way to add an extraordinary touch to your big day. Include geometric accessories and decorations in your wedding’s must-have list and make your event an absolute hit. Happy Geometric Wedding!

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