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Posted by Champion Wedding Gown Specialist on December 17, 2015

Dollarphotoclub_79232355.jpgRich awe-inspiring colors, lively log fires and a smattering of slush; winter weddings are enchanting, fanciful and above all playful. However the distinct popularity of winter weddings belies the fact that there is a lack of planning tips as compared to preparing and planning a spring wedding.

Thus we bring you a list of trusted tips that will turn your winter wedding into an enchanting event.

1.      LIGHTING

As we all know winter days are generally brief and it gets dark sooner. While devising your winter wedding plan, pay extra attention to the blazing lights. First and foremost, consider the aspect of organizing your event earlier in the day, which will give you enough time to avail day light and you can have group shots and photographic sessions even after your I Do’s. Talk in detail with your photographer regarding your bright and beautiful photographic requirements. This will help him plan accordingly for the wedding photography session. On the other hand you can opt for winter twilight photography sessions as well and a snowing background can further add allure to your winter wedding. Then again discus the available options with your wedding photographer.


Out of season flowers are definitely more costly or outright pointless to be incorporated in winter wedding. However that does not imply that you have to compromise on your winter wedding dream and its rich festivities. Have a chat with your florist and know about the seasonal possibilities. Eucalyptus is a good choice because it is inexpensive and looks absolutely classy in centerpieces. You can also opt for scented candles for those dark and short days, it is an intelligent natural substitute for flowers.

In addition, the color schemes also play a vital role in devising a perfect winter wedding décor. If you prefer a pre-Xmas wedding, red and green hues can be alluring. Metallic with the touch of natural decorative like pinecones and boughs can also do wonders. Be creative and go with your instincts to plan an impeccable memorable day for yourself.


Make sure to plan your big day by keeping in mind the comfort and warmth of you and your guests. A proper heating system along with some warm dishes is a good idea. Soups, shortbread cookies and rustic steaks with a warm cup of coffee topped with chocolate shavings are enough to keep your guests warm, happy and cozy.

Nobody likes to shiver on a wedding. If you have planned for a winter wedding then add some warm accessories in your dressing list like veils, fur-stoles, a classy cardigan or a cape. This will add a season-matched elegance and comfort to your style.


Feast your guests with a mix of conventional and modern winter favors. Gingerbread cookies, chocolates, hot chocolate mix, small tarts, marmalades or you can even have mini ice wine bottles as your wedding favor. Try to opt for beautiful packaging to reflect your unique style.


For a winter wedding, choose a cake that reflects winter. Don’t hesitate to write off the conventional white cakes. Think about rich flavors and ingredients. How about an orange-Choco cake or a caramel spice cake? Sky is the limit. Let your imagination run free.

Majority of us thinks that planning a wedding in winter is entirely a gamble. But nothing can beat an intelligently planned, hot winter wedding in the cold weather.

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