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So you want a Contemporary Vintage Wedding...

Posted by Champion Wedding Gown Specialist on July 3, 2015

champion_contemporary_vintageA contemporary vintage wedding is an ultra-romantic theme that blends the old with the new just like you dreamt about as a small child. It is all things pretty including your vintage style dress (New or Old).

The Look: A bold mix of old and new, featuring vintage inspired colors, feminine fabrics and antique finished that stand in striking contrast to the otherwise modern space.

The Design: Ornate antique details set against a contemporary and clean backdrop with unconventional color choices to increase the modern factor. Uses of dark and light colors will blend all the distressed finishes and pretty details to create a look that will feel romantic and new.

The Color Palette: Elegantly Pretty- Contemporary Vintage colors include vintage plums, dusty pinks, and hints of blue added to Smokey grey to create your unique color scheme.

Your Contemporary Vintage Style wedding blends old with new by using vintage fabrics and textiles to the infusion of perfectly placed antique props.  Utilizing personal details such as your save the date cards to give your guests a tiny peak at what to expect at your wedding. The additions of ribbon, lace, pearls and jewels will set the right tone for a spectacular vintage wedding affair.

Props are an important factor in creating the perfect atmosphere and transform your modern space into a vintage wedding. From furniture finds to decorative accents they will all help you set the stage for your big day. Prop ideas: bird cages, distressed furniture pieces, old books, and vintage drawer, vintage glass wear will all assist in creating the feel you’re looking for.

Vintage Textures: pearls and lace

Antique Finds: family heirloom pieces are wonderful

Modern Touches: Modern atmosphere and your color palette

Things you can find online: vintage style pocket watches, small metal bird cage tea light holders, pearl garland, vintage styled table card holders, rolled fabric lace flowers, vintage styled goblets and flute’s.

Wedding Dress Cleaning is of the upmost importance.  Bring your Vintage Gown to a Certified Wedding Gown Specialist like Champion Wedding Gown Specialists in Birmingham Alabama.

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