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Steaming Your Wedding Gown the Day of the Wedding

Posted by Champion Wedding Gown Specialist on April 27, 2017

Steaming a Wedding Dress Refers to one process of removing wrinkles.  You clean the wedding dress and then either steam it or hand press it to remove wrinkles.  You do not "steam clean" a wedding dress.

Brimingham Wedding Gown FinishingWedding dresses are worn on a special day, so they are usually made in a special way.  Delicate fabrics, intricate decorations, and unique pieces of flare are usually included in a wedding gown design, which means they are fragile garments requiring special care.  Dry cleaners that provide wedding dress cleaning and preservation services will also steam or hand press wedding dresses to remove the wrinkles.  But many people don't know the difference between these two processes.

Wedding Dress “Finishing”

“Finishing” is a term used by dry cleaners and professional laundries to describe the process of removing wrinkles through the application of heat.  For the purpose of describing finishing for wedding dresses, there are two types:


"Hand Pressing" or Ironing.

Steaming is the process of passing heat in the form of steam through the fabric in order to relax the fibers and return the fabric to more near the original look and feel of the wedding dress.  When steaming a wedding dress, the wedding gown specialist does not make physical contact with the dress.

Hand pressing or ironing a wedding dress passes heat through the fabric using a steam iron to apply a little pressure while providing the heat that relaxes the fabric to remove the wrinkles.

Steaming a wedding dress leaves the fabric softer while hand pressing (ironing) leaves it smoother but with a harder finish to the fabric. 

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