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The Bohemian Luxury Wedding

Posted by Champion Wedding Gown Specialist on September 15, 2015

boho_weddingWith new fashion trends embracing this bohemian style having a Bohemian Luxury Wedding is becoming the new craze. You need to understand the fundamentals of this style in order to create it. A Bohemian Luxe Wedding Embraces Mother Nature and all the elements and textures that she has given us. It is all about being natural, free flowing with touches of luxury to tell your love story. You are creating the look and feel of being barefoot and carefree while dancing the night away with your loved one.

The Look- Flowing and Carefree, unrestricted and unpolished while providing a warm and natural vibe that feel luxurious. 

The Design- Artistic and whimsical, casual and effortless explains this style. It is the casual and effortless feel with hints of luxury utilizing a lot of floral arrangements, natural elements, eclectic piece and exotic textures.

 The Color Palette- A delicate mix of slightly faded blues, greens, lilacs, greys and browns.

Embracing a hippie-gypsy vibe providing that whimsical effect will create the perfect scene for your day regardless of the venue. Use satin ribbons and feathers along with vibrant flowers to provide a smooth and carefree atmosphere. Infuse personal details into each area of your wedding to tell your personal love story using lots of layers and flowers as well as natural and organic items filled with elements and textures that you like, find those unique eclectic items that tell your story and pepper them with flowers.

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