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Non-Traditional Winter Wedding Gowns

Posted by Brandi Kane on December 5, 2012


More and more, Today's brides are throwing tradition out the window and choosing to express their own style in their wedding dress.

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Can You Wash A Wedding Dress?

Posted by Brandi Kane on September 19, 2012


We frequently get asked how we Wash A Wedding Dress.  Here are the steps we use for this process.


Pre-Cleaning Inspection of the Wedding Dress

Warning - Do not try an clean a silk wedding dress yourself.  Leave silk to the professional.  And be sure to check all layers of the dress looking for silk.

Every dress is different and has different issues.  We begin every wedding dress cleaning with a thorough inspection looking for specific problems that are common to most wedding dresses brought in.  From this inspection we map our approach for the wedding dress cleaning.

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Cleaning a Polyester Wedding Dress?

Posted by Brandi Kane on September 4, 2012


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