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Stretch The Wedding Budget With A Pre-Owned Wedding Dress

Posted by David Whitehurst on March 2, 2012


It seems like you've got it all - the guy (he's fabulous!), the ring (amazing!), the date (perfect!) and the budget (not quite what you were hoping for...). Fortunately, there are ways to stretch that wedding budget to make sure your wedding day really is a dream. One of the easiest ways to save is your wedding gown.


Yes, it's your day and you want to look like a princess, and you will. Have you considered a pre-owned wedding dress?  It's an easy way to get a fabulous dress for less, and with a few alterations, it will look like it was made just for you. 

A pre-owned wedding dress might be one from your mother, your sister or one you purchased elsewhere. You can save plenty on pre-owned wedding dress.  And you can even sell it again after your wedding and recover at least part of your investment.  Of course, many brides prefer to preserve their wedding dress for a daughter or daughter in law to eventually wear.

There are several sources for pre-owned wedding dresses from your local consignment shop to a number of Internet sites.  One such Internet site is

Almost every bride needs professional alterations for a pre-owned wedding dress to get the right fit. You tailor your formal dresses, your pants, even your jeans, so wedding gown alterations should certainly be expected so you'll look your best on your wedding day and those pictures that you'll enjoy for many years to come.

While your tailor may do an excellent job on many everyday items, wedding gown alterations require a specialized level of skill.  Seek out a seamstress or dressmaker who specializes in wedding gown alterations for the best result.

Don't forget that the stress of the wedding will often result in weight loss or gain.  Try to maintain your weight after your alterations are complete.  This is why many brides want to wait until just before the wedding or photographs to get the alterations.  Make sure your wedding gown specialist will work with you on your schedule.

We handle last minute wedding dress alterations in Birmingham, Alabama all the time.  A week or less and we can complete most basic alterations like hems.  More extensive alterations and those involving beads, zippers, etc, can require more time and fittings.

Consider a pre-owned wedding dress as an easy way to free up some of that wedding budget to be spent on rings, food, flowers or the honeymoon with that perfect guy. 

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