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Preserving A Wedding Dress - Why Do It Locally?

Posted by David Whitehurst on May 7, 2012

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I Found My Perfect Wedding Dress. Now What's Next?

Posted by David Whitehurst on February 23, 2012

I love having brides in for their first fitting for wedding gown

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Finding a Qualified Wedding Gown Cleaning and Preservation Specialist

Posted by David Whitehurst on October 18, 2011


Here's A Story of What Can Go Wrong With Wedding Dress Cleaning, Preservation and Restoration.


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6 Tips for Choosing The Right Wedding Gown Preservation Service

Posted by David Whitehurst on September 20, 2011


How do you know which Wedding Dress Dry Cleaner to use?  Here are six tips for finding the right Wedding Gown Care Specialist.

Most women agree that perhaps the most important piece of clothing they will ever own is their wedding dress.  Made from expensive fabrics and tailored to the body of each bride, a wedding gown is not only beautiful but a representation of the beginning of a couple's life together.  It should be cared for accordingly.

To ensure that your wedding dress receives the professional care that it needs, it is important to know what to look for when seeking out a professional wedding gown cleaning and preservation specialist.  A wedding gown specialist needs to be more than just a dry cleaner.  In fact, due to the delicate nature of wedding dresses, many dry cleaners will either not accept wedding dresses to clean and preserve or will ship them out to a specialist in another city.

Bonus Tip - And The Most Important One Of All

My suggestion is to find a dry cleaner that is trained and credentialed in wedding gown cleaning and preservation.  The Association of Wedding Gown Specialists is the top source for finding trained and experienced wedding gown specialists.  Use a dry cleaner that is a “Certified Wedding Gown Specialist™” and preferably one in your community. 

Wedding gown dry cleaners with the Certified Wedding Gown Specialist™ credentials have been trained, tested and are experienced in dealing will all types of wedding gown issues, including stains, proper preservation techniques, yellowing of wedding gowns, and some even offer wedding gown alterations and repairs.

This article will go over other six important things that you need to know, ask, or be aware of when exploring various wedding dress preservation services.

1. Experience and Training

What is the wedding gown specialist’s experience: How long cleaning and preserving wedding gowns? Does he do his own work or does he send it out to someone else?  Are references available? Does the wedding gown dry cleaner have on line reviews you can check?  Is the dry cleaner a Certified Wedding Gown Specialist™?

2. Specialized Preservation Materials

Make sure the wedding gown specialist uses acid-free materials.  I don't mean low acid content; I mean 100 percent acid free.  These types of materials will be the safest on the dress to prevent unexpected damage over a long period of time.  The best wedding dress preservation boxes are rated to last literally 1,000 years and they are no more expensive than lesser quality preservation boxes.

3. Local Specialist Is Best

It is important to find a local wedding gown cleaning and preservation specialist because you will need a location you can get to conveniently.  Cleaning and preserving a wedding dress is a tricky process, and you will want to be able to examine the dress after it’s cleaned but before it is placed in the preservation chest. 

Make your contact with your selected specialist before your wedding…you never know if an emergency might arise and if you already know your specialist, you may have a solution to your emergency.  Remember the old saying about making your friends before you need them?

4. Guarantee

Ask the wedding dress dry cleaner if she provides any type of guarantee against yellowing or unexpected stains showing up years from now.  And find out if the wedding gown dry cleaner can back it up.  For example, if they offer a ten-year guarantee, what happens if the wedding gown specialist goes out of business in nine years?

5. Latent or Hidden Stains

Ask the wedding gown dry cleaner if he checks for latent or hidden stains even after your dress is cleaned.  Many wedding dresses experience damage from alcohol or other sugar-based stains, which will need further attention, especially with silk wedding dresses.  These stains in a silk dress require an entirely separate treatment before the dress is dry cleaned. And they may not be visible for months or years afer your wedding.

6. Preservation Techniques - Preventing Premanent Wrinkles and Creases

Make sure that the wedding gown preservation service will take special care to prevent permanent wrinkles and creases.  If tissue is used for cushioning the folds, as do most trained wedding gown specialists, make sure the tissue is 100% acid free.  Ask your wedding dress dry cleaner to see the the tissue paper packaging to verify this.


A wedding gown should be treated with the love of a bride, even when in the hands of others.  Make this a guarantee by choosing the best wedding gown preservation service available!

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Help for Brides Planning a Wedding

Posted by David Whitehurst on August 19, 2011


A wedding day is supposed to be the most special day of a bride's life, but planning the wedding can, unfortunately, be the most stressful time of a bride's life. 

Fortunately for all those in the planning stages, there are a number of online resources available to make this process as pain free as possible.

Planning is essential for a successful wedding.  Here are a few quotes about planning to emphasize this point:

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