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Wanderlust Wedding Style

Posted by Champion Wedding Gown Specialist on September 22, 2015

wanderlust_post_finalCreating a wanderlust style wedding for those who have a love for adventure and travel. On your special day the goal should be to share your adventures with your families and friends while you promise your heart and soul to the love of your life. 

The Look- A whimsical take on the joy of adventure and travel to the destinations you have been and will go to the forms of transportation to get to those places and all the items in between. 

The Design- Romantic and intricate weave of pale colors and whimsical details providing a sense of wonder. Having items dangling overhead as well as perfectly arranged items below are perfect for the look and feel.

The Color Palette: soft and mystical colors are perfect pale pinks, vintage blues, purple and neutral accents of white and beige will tie it all together.

Creating the atmosphere should not be hard at all, use items from your adventures and travel to create a romantic and dreamy day. Utilize items from places you have been and would like to go to decorate, compass, suitcases, postcards all add those personal touches. Utilizing paper lanterns in unique shapes hanging from above are perfect for this type of wedding. Use the space above you to create that perfect sense of wander and draw your guest eyes above to the sky. Items like passports, hot air balloon shapes and maps will add to your space. Quotes and sayings that are perfect for this type of wedding, “oh the places we will go”, “up up and away”, “Our journey begins here”.  Suit cases, stamps and old postage, vintage and new postcards, lanterns, map back drops as well as paper airplanes are all fantastic ideas for your wanderlust style wedding.

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