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Wedding Dress Alterations, Pressing and Cleaning Before Your Wedding

Posted by David Whitehurst on November 4, 2015

5168347808_441f2587b7_oPreparing your Wedding Gown for your Wedding  

Once you have chosen your gown and had the wedding dress alteration completed for that perfect fit; you now want to make sure it looks just right as you wear it down the aisle. This means it needs to look smooth and without any wrinkles or creases where they shouldn't be.

Pre-Wedding Day Care of the Gown

A wedding gown will often be delivered in a box which causes parts of the fabric to become wrinkled or a crease appears where it shouldn't. These can easily be removed by having it professionally steamed. You can either have the salon you purchased the dress from complete the steaming or contact a professional dry cleaning service that specializes win wedding gown care, sch as a member of the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists.

Wedding gown steaming is not a typical dry cleaning process. The fabric is delicate and most gowns have more than one layer. There are also many embellishments on wedding gowns that require special attention. Some are sensitive to heat or steam and some are very delicate and need an experienced hand to care for them. Make sure when you take your gown in they have the proper experience it takes to handle wedding gowns. It is best to have the gown pressed or steamed as close to the wedding day as possible.

Be sure to check for the hem dirt and makeup stains that often finds its way to your dress before your wedding, especially if you are have photos made in your dress before your wedding.

How to care for your Wedding Gown days before your wedding

Once you return home with the steamed or pressed gown, make sure you hang it in a temperature controlled room. Do not hang in either a basement or an attic. The heat, moisture and sunlight are all possible risks for damaging your gown. Hopefully the professional that completed the steaming provided you with a padded hanger. If not, make sure you have one so the hanger does not leave any marks on the material.  Hanging it from a doorway is the best location as it allows the dress to fall naturally into place.

Look over the dress and make sure no one has gotten it dirty while it was being transported from the store to your dressing room. If you have gotten your dress home a few days before the wedding, it's OK keep it in the plastic.  But if you have your clean and wrinkle-free dress at home for more than month. don't store it in the plastic. Save it and use it when transporting your dress to your venue. Many bridal shops and the better wedding gown care specialists (here they are to find one near your) provide breathable wedding gown bags. But depending on how full the dress is, you may need to remove the dress from this bag as well to reduce wrinkling.

Another concern to keep in mind is to protect your wedding dress from pets, especially cats.

You have now completed the necessary wedding dress preparation. Your dress will look great and you will feel like the beautiful bride that you are as you walk down the aisle.

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