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Wedding Gown Tip: Have it Steamed the Day of the Wedding

Posted by Champion Wedding Gown Specialist on May 3, 2017

your wedding gown the day of the wedding is important for all brides. The day is busy and most likely your dress has been moved from your house to your wedding location. Depending on the fabric of your gown it is possible that it will get wrinkled in the move if not handled properly.

shutterstock_39115189.jpgChampion Wedding Gown Specialist provides this as one of our pre, during and post wedding services. We want to make your day as stress free as possible and this is just one of those little items that gets overlooked. It gets overlooked until you notice the wrinkles in your wedding pictures.

Steaming is the process of passing heat in the form of steam through the fabric to relax the fibers and return the fabric to the original look and feel. When steaming the dress Champion Wedding Gown Specialist does not make physical contact with the dress. This is done to prevent any oils from our hands to get on the dress.

You can trust all your bridal needs to Champion Wedding Gown Specialists. 

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