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What Style Wedding Dress are Your Looking For- Fall/Winter 2015 Bridal Dresses

Posted by Champion Wedding Gown Specialist on October 23, 2015

fallweddingWeddings… our whole lives seem centred around them. For a girl, there is no bigger event in her life than the time that she walks down the aisle. Surrounded family and peers, the bride is the centre of attention while the spot lights are fixed on the Wedding Dress.

From classic and timeless whites to soft pastels, from short dresses to extravagant full length skirts, from simple and elegant to lavish and ornate; wedding gowns come in a whole range of variety. If you are planning to take your vows this Fall or Winter, the following Bridal Fashions will suit you.

Deep Necklines

Whether you are in mind for classic tulle and chiffon dress or a daring strapless gown, the deep necklines are must have in your Bridal for Fall 2015. Another version of the classic deep neckline that has been making rounds this year is the illusion of the high neckline, by incorporating sheer lace or other such fabrics with the deep necklines.

Winter Wear

Since it is winters and the season gets understandably chilly, not to mention the nerves that are on edge till that I do moment, the designers have brought practicality in a fashionable way to the Wedding gowns for winter 2015. The wedding dresses have been added with the winter layers of Ponchos, jackets etc. And they are mind-blowing. The extravagant embroider jackets, the lace detailed ponchos, heavily embellished tweed coats, stylish woollen capes and even the motorbike styled jackets for the daring ones.

Feather Detailing

Feather is the most delicate of the embellishments that can make your Wedding dress stand out. This year, the feathers make a big part of the wedding style. Though the feather detailing is mostly used with the mermaid dresses, the latest winter wedding dresses include short feather skirts as well as feather detailing on waist of the wedding gowns.

Ruffled Sleeves

Remember Diana’s legendary wedding gown? The world swooned over the pretty bride but the girls were hooked onto the ruffled sleeves of her wedding dress. Ruffled sleeves have a princess-y, Cinderella like feel to them. The modern take on the ruffles sleeves is to use sheer fabric for them. It keeps your look smart and elegant without adding bulk to your frame.weddingdress

Crop Tops

The trendy crop tops have found their way to the bridal fashion. The options vary from sleek and simple to embellished and flared. Various takes on the trend include the crop tops that mesh well with the skirts and thus do not show off skin on your waist for those who want to keep it modest.


Just like feathers, fringe is the embellishment that adds the extra edge to your bridal fantasy. Whether it is featured on the skirt or the top, the swishy, blinding and dazzling fringes add a spark to your wedding gown.

Walk the aisle this winter with style. Though there is a plethora of wedding dress options available to you, always opt for the one that goes with your silhouette. Happy Wedding!!

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