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The Spotless Gown

With all the handling your wedding gown goes through before your wedding, you may find the typical “pre-wedding” problems such as:

  • Hem dirt from your photo shoot before the wedding
  • Makeup strains from trying your dress several times
  • Dirt from oily hands that might have handled it
  • Stains and dirt inherited from the Bridal Salon

How We Help You

We can take care of all these imperfections so that your gown is spotless for your wedding by cleaning and pressing it prior to the big day. After all, a glowing dress adds to the glow of the bride, and you don’t want to taint that with dirty hemlines or makeup stains.

If you would like to learn more about how we clean your gown, please feel free to download The Certified Wedding Gown Specialist Cleaning & Preservation Process. It will give you in-depth information on all the stages of the cleaning process.

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