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Gown Protection Plan--Champion Wedding Gown Specialist in Birmingham, Alabama

No Longer Worry About Last Minute Stains, Lose Hems or The Cost of a Last Minute Pressing of Your Wedding Gown.

Champion will be there to help protect your gown and make sure it is just right for Your Wedding Day.  The cost to the Bride is only $125.00 and this is what you get:

For NEW Wedding Dresses, we will

  • press or steam your wedding dress before your wedding,
  • clean any spots and dirt on your wedding dress (such as grass stain on the hem line from your photo session), and
  • make minor repairs on your gown like a lose hem or seam

These services will be provided at no additional cost from the time you purchase your gown until two days before your wedding ("pre-wedding period") and is limited to 90 days before your wedding.

We will also apply $25.00 of the Gown Protection Plan cost to the cost of cleaning your wedding dress if bring in to us within 30 days after your wedding.

A Word of CAUTION: If you would like your gown pressed and steamed out before your wedding, keep in mind that oil from hands, perspiration, makeup and other contaminants can cause dark spots on a white wedding gown when heat is applied during the steaming process. If you have tried on your gown and worn it for photographs or just for sharing the look with your friends, a "Press Only" service could result in unwelcomed dark spots suddenly appearing. The only way to get rid of these spots is with a full cleaning of your gown. We will be glad to steam out your gown...but be aware of unwelcomed spots that might occur.

For Previously Worn Dresses Including

  • used wedding gowns bought from a consignment shop, borrowed from a friend, etc.;
  • second generation gowns (like Mom's wedding gown);
  • bridal shop sample gowns; or
  • other wedding gowns that have been worn previously

...we have a Gown Protection Plan just for you. 

In order to purchase this Gown Protection Plan for a previously worn wedding dress, we must first examine your dress and determine it's a condition where it can be worn in your wedding.  If it is in shape to wear, we can provide our Gown Protection Plan without any further effort.

Our Gown Protection Plan will include attempts at removing minor spots and stains, and making basic repairs such as lose hems and seams.  But a wedding dress that requires complete cleaning before it can be worn is not covered by the terms of this program unless it has been cleaned and is shape to wear in your wedding.  Therefore we must examine previously worn wedding dresses before providing our Gown Protection Plan.

Should your previously worn wedding dress require cleaning, we will be glad to do that and you'll be protected for the same "pre-wedding period" as with NEW gowns.  We will then provide the same services for Used Wedding Dresses as with NEW Wedding Dresses listed above at no additional charge. 

We'll even take it a step further with Used Wedding Dresses.  Since we cleaned the dress before the wedding,we'll clean your wedding dress after your wedding for only $125.00 (that's $169.00 regular cost for a second cleaning less $25.00 applied from the Gown Protection Plan for a net cost to you of $144.00 for any non-silk wedding gown - slightly more for silk).

  • As part of your Gown Protection Plan, we'll make basic repairs (like mending loose hems or seams or repairing small rips) that occur during the "pre-wedding period" at no additional charge. This does not include making major repairs to a gown when, for example, your cat decides to scratch her claws into your wedding gown.  But we will help return your gown to a usable condition at no additional charge when basic repairs are required.
  • And don't forget...with your purchase of our Gown Protection Plan, you'll get Priority Service from Champion Wedding Gown Specialist.  If you need last minute alterations, pressing or cleaning, you'll get it.  You'll be a VIP Customer.

Next to YOU and your BRIDAL SHOP, we care more about how you and your wedding gown will look on your wedding day than anyone else.  And we back up our words with ACTION!

This is not an insurance plan.  We provide all of the expertise to help you keep your wedding gown in first class condition on your wedding day.  You'll get immediate and thorough attention to any issues involving your wedding gown.  Period covered begins up to 90 days before the wedding. Dated proof of purchase of gown is required for New Gowns covered by the Gown Protection Plan.

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